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 Primary controling of underground 

Primary controling and checking subfloor most important step before  installation of floor coverings.In many cases, the subflooe determines the final floor surface or the type of impact on the selection of a suitable flooring. In primary research basis is determined the following indicators:. In primary research basis is determined the following indicators:

Levelness of subfloor - İt is importatnt  to determine  volume of the leveling works on subfloor and consumption of  self-leveling materials; 

Hardness of subfloor - it is important to identify opportunities for laying the floor covering selected to this subfloor;



Test for Levelness of subfloor

For this test, use the following tools :


    2-meter rack                                                                  Waterpas                                   Laser level Bosch GSL 2



For DIN 18202  in 2 m may be 5 mm unevenness.



Hardness test 

Use the method of Ri-Rii.





Hummidity test:

requirements for humidity grounds:

- The floors are made of wood, plywood, OSB humidity should be below 12%.

There  uses gravity or electrical tools. 

- Concrete, polymer and gypsum screeds must be below 2%.

It uses gravity or electrical tools. The most common instrument occupies CM.












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