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Wood & Cork Floor Cleaner -750 ml / 20 AZN

1. Product Description

A solvent-free cleaning agent for the daily cleaning of wood and cork floors. Dissolves dirt

intensively and forms a carefully balanced cleaning and care system, in combination with

Wood & Cork Polish satin or mat. Also for use directly following the final cleaning of a new

building, after such floors have been laid.

2. Areas of Application

For the regular cleaning of all sealed wood and cork floors. Observe care instructions

specific to the floor covering.

3. Method of Application

Dilute Wood & Cork Floor Cleaner in a ratio of 1:200 (50 ml to 10 l of water) and lightly damp

wipe over the floor with this solution. For larger surface areas use a dilution up 1:200 to

1:400 using the spray-cleaning method in combination with a monodisc machine such as

the SRP 1 plus a white or red pad.

Remove grease marks and other dirt sticking to the floor with undiluted Wood & Cork Floor

Cleaner and a non-abrasive white pad. Afterwards rince thoroughly with clear water using a

wrung-out cloth.

Note: Wood and parquet floors are natural products and should never be exposed to

damp or even wetness for longer periods of time since they can absorb water

and change their shape as a result (swelling). Therefore always only lightly

damp-wipe such floors (i.e., using well wrung-out cloths) and ensure that no

“pools” are created on the floor.

Consumption: approx. 0,1 l = 100 m² (Routine Cleaning)

4. Technical Data

pH level: approx. 9.5 (concentrate)

Product code for cleaning and care products (Giscode): GU 40

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5. Quality Inspection

Certified in Germany by the Forschungs- und Prüfinstitut für Facility Management GmbH,

Metzingen (FIGR)

6. Unit Sizes

750 ml - bottle

5 l - canister

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