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Company LOKANO interested consumers focus on environmentally friendly products, the production of which damage to the environment is minimized.
Thus, among the products are present in chunks LOKANO Carpets with 100% recovered materials:

Decreasing global warming  potential of carpet products

1. Modular Carpets Interface - the world's largest manufacturer of carpet tiles, the founder of the development model of "Mission Zero", based on the idea of ​​sustainability. Especially collection Net Effect ™ - is the best reminder that for the most beautiful design hides a deep history of its creation. An innovative program Net-Works joined the fishing industry and the global industrial society in an effort to protect the environment.



2. Suminoe Textile. Products marked with this company ECOS is a challenge to the modern world in the direction of environmental protection. One of the main novelties of this company are flooring with a system of self-purification of air (Air Cleaning System).



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