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Lokano has been engaging in selling and applying of flooring since 1997. Lokano is one of the leading company in this area with its wide range and stock resources. We are official representative of following brands:


Wood and wood based floorings:


          Solid hardwood flooring -  Galekovich (Croatia), Komofloor (Indonesia) , Hajnowka (Poland), Lamett (China)


           Engineering flooring  – Haro (Germany), Sherifoglu (Turkey)


          Laminate flooring  - HARO (Germany), Berry-ALLOC (Belgium- Norway), Kronoflooring (Germany), Falquon (Germany), Lamett (China), Efloor (China)


 Textile floorings:


           Broadloom (wall to wall)  carpets - Condor (Holland), Samur (Turkey), Shaw (USA), Clayton Miller (USA), Cherokee Carpet (USA)


          Carpet tiles – Interface (USA), Suminoe (Japoniya),  Formosa Carpet (Taiwan), Shaw (USA), Tuntex (China)


           Carpet underlay  – Healther Choice (USA)


Elastic floorings:


           Homogeneous PVC flooring  – Armstrong ( Germany), Tarkett-Jaslo  (Poland);


          Heterogeneous PVC flooring   – LG hausys (Korea)


          Heterogeneous PVC tile flooring  ( Lux Vinil Tiles-LVT)- LG hausys (Korea), Berry-ALLOC (Belgium- Norway), Lamett (Belgium-China).


          Linoleum - Armstrong ( Germany).




           Skirtings, moldings  - FN Neuhofer Holz (Austria)


           Plastic skirtings– APU Shonberg -Bolta (Germany), Cezar, Korner (Poland)


           Flooring profiles – Kuberit (Germany), Artek (Turkey), Ersin (Turkey).


 Glues, varnishes and care products for floorings:


          Glues, varnishes and primers for floorings –Bostik (Germany),  Carver (Italia)


           Finishes -oils and varnishes for wood floorings - Carver (Italia), Eukula (Germany).


           Care&Maintanence products for all type of floorings – Dr. Schutz (Germany).


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