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Laminate is a hardboard glued top layer, which consists of a protective film-overlay. Caring for laminate flooring – it is removing of all the dirt from the surface without damaging the protective film of laminate. Damages or simple penetration of water into the cracks of the film would lead to premature aging of the laminate.

Daily maintanence

Dilute Laminate Cleaner in a ratio of 1:200 (50 ml to 10 l of water) and lightly damp wipe over the floor with this solution. For larger surface areas use a dilution up 1:200 to 1:400 using the spray-cleaning method in combination with a monodisc machine such as the SRP 1 plus a white or red pad. Glue residues and stubborn stains can be removed with Elatex Universal Stain Remover.

Consumption: 1 l = 1000 m²

Note: Laminated floors or surfaces should never be damp or wet for a longer period of time. Especially the edges could swell up and change shape. Therefore always wipe with thoroughly wrung-out cloths and ensure that no “pools” are created on the floor.



Cleaning and maintenance products for laminate flooring


Laminate Cleaner 

Click Sealer

Elatex Universal Stain Remover

 Spray Cleaner« Spraymax»








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